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34K and naughty

PhD student, seperated and not having as much fun as I'd like. So here I am! I have a high sex drive and as I am currently satifsying myself, I am looking for new ways to let my naughty side out!

How to get to know me:

Due to the nature of our contact: NO order will ever commence without payment up front, sorry.


I am willing to take a variety of pictures, open to requests. Prices will depend on how graphic your request is and whether you intend to buy any underwear!


Will be a little more pricey, but I can say your name as I cum ;) or discuss would I would do if I wasnt alone.


Orders are processed on a first come, first served basis.

I will take requests for the style of underwear and what you want from me! Some undies are shown but requests can be made. Prices vary accordingly. I will seal them once the time period is up. I will ensure you get your monies worth!

I am a clean young woman, smoke and drug free. I don’t use any strong smelling products, so what you get is all me :)

Panties come with 12 hours wear minimum, standard is 24ish. Extra days are charged per day, specific body fluids can be requested. I can also wear them to the gym etc. What you pay depends on what you want! Esp if you request expensive undies such as the pink/purple number in my pics.

The panties are not worn until you choose a pair and pay for them, and then you can choose what extra's to add-on so that they are totally personalised according to your requirements.

All mainland UK deliveries are free, within Europe is chargeable, and further afield (USA, Australia) are chargeable also.
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